Meade's Art Studio
Congratulations to Georgia Cerisano,
Matthew Green and Ksusha Muzika!  
These students were recent winners
at the Alexander Talbot Rice Art
Competition at Wakefield High School
in the Plains, VA.   The competition
included over 84 children and teens
from different area schools. 15
students were selected as semi-
finalists and were interviewed by the
sponsor of the competition, Mr.
Alexander Talbot Rice.  6 of those 15
semi-finalists are students of Meade
Art Studio:  Georgia Cerisano,
Matthew Green, Brooke Sullivan.
Regan Cerisano, Jacqueline
Browning and Ksusha Muzika.  Three
students made the final cut:  Georgia
Cerisano, Matthew Green and Ksusha

Georgia Cerisano (age 12) won the
first prize which is a scholarship over
the next five summers to study in
different art schools in Florence,
London and Saint Petersburg.  
Congratulations to all of Meade Art
Studio’s semifinalists and finalists!

Also entered into the contest: Juile
Vrabel, Sarah Hardt and Norine King