Meade's Art Studio
There are six essentials in painting:

The first is called spirit;
the second, rhythm;
the third thought;
the fourth scenery;
the fifth, the brush;
and the last is the ink.

Ching Hao

Each class meets once a week for
one and a half to two hours
depending on the student’s age and
ability to stay on task for extended
periods of time.  A maximum of nine
students is allowed per class.

Beginner artists start by working with
lead pencil, then move on to colored
pencils, watercolor, and other media
as desired.  Students will learn
about shading, perspective,
proportion, composition and color
theory.  Each individual receives
personalized instruction on drawing
and painting the subject of his/her
choice—portraits, landscapes, flora,
fauna, etc.—and is able to progress
at his/her own pace.